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Artists on the web3
Contact if your are an artist on the web3 and you want to share your story!
mirlopiano interview-cover

Pianist, composer, editor,
and entrepreneur on the web3

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Damiel Osers Interview-cover

Daniel Orsen
A Classical Viola exploring the web3
with a very unique project

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Kailani Interview-cover

A 360º creator, writer, musician
and web3 builder

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Flor Peña - NFTs

Flor Peña
A Visual Communicator
pioneering the web3

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NFTs for Peace - after a drawing by Gonzalo Borges

Curator Collective
NFTs collections backed by physical art.
Generative Visuals and Music

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Grace Hye, Your Black Flowers (fragment)

Grace Hye
From a Parisian Gallery,
your gateway to the Innerverse

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This community was born with the mission to serve independent artists.
What if independent artists could manage their business in their own private studios on the Web3?
What if you could build your own place for private art deals online?

From 2020 to 2023 we tried to develop our app with the best solutions for independent artists self- management on the Stacks secured by Bitcoin: SMARTISTS. We could not succeed, bot some members thought it was worth keeping the community together and provide testimonials of those independent artists who are pioneering the Web3, in order to bring awareness of our needs.
Since 2024 our founders are preparing the launch a new project: MIRLOS putting in good use their previous experience.    
In this community we are ready to defend such fundamental rights as Intellectual Property, Privacy and Freedom of Speech. We hope for an Internet of Value where Art-users can connect directly, and even collaborate with their favorite creators. We think Blockchain technology can enable new art businesses with a proper and fair Intellectual Property management