For Artists and Art users

Private business solutions on the Internet of Value

If you are a Visual artist, a musician, a performer, a writer and/or a digital editor, and you want to take control of NFTs made out of your art works and make business on the web, we are designing new tools for art creators on the web3!

If you look for art works as a collector, a curator, a supervisor, a producer, etc., and you want to connect with artists directly, we are defining future art businesses in the upcoming decentralized Internet!

We are building a better Internet for authors and art-users

Join us!
Smartists' News
We want to bring together Artists and Art-Users
with privacy, security and benefits for all!

On the Internet of Value,
where users can exchange value directly, P2P.

For Artists to connect privately with colleagues and clients
to exchange valuable experiences, and make fair deals.

For art lovers and users to communicate with creators,
and work together in new creative projects and businesses.

Story & Mission
SMARTISTS is built on Stacks to protect authors’ rights on the Internet