For Artists and Art users

Private Art deals on the Internet of Value

If you are a Visual artist, a musician or a writer, etc. and you own your copyrights,
we are building Smartists for you
to work and collaborate in your own private studio
to mint and sell your NFTs in your own private gallery.

If you look for art works to use them as a collector, a curator, a supervisor, a producer, etc.,
and you want to connect with artists directly to access unique original digital art,
we are enabling new art businesses in the upcoming web 3.

NFTs are great, but don't give up on your copyrights!

Smartists' News
We want to bring together Artists and Art-Users
with privacy, security and benefits for all!

On the Internet of Value,
where users can exchange value directly, P2P.

For Artists to connect privately with colleagues and clients
to exchange valuable experiences, and make fair deals.

For art lovers and users to communicate with creators,
and work together in new creative projects and businesses.

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SMARTISTS is built on Stacks and secured by Bitcoin