Self-managed Artists Studios

for private Art deals on the Internet of Value

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If you are an independent artist, musician or author who wants to self-manage on the web3,
we are building the app for you to open your private online studio.

If you look for unique art works to buy directly from artists,
we are enabling new art businesses in the upcoming web3 with NFTs and Smartists licenses.

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Help us build the best services
for independent artists on the web3!

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Built on Stacks and secured by Bitcoin
Stacks on Bitcoin

This is a Work In Progress with limited functionalities

On the Internet of Value,
where users can exchange value directly, P2P.

For Artists to connect privately with colleagues and clients
to exchange valuable experiences, and make fair deals.

For art lovers and users to communicate with creators,
and work together in new creative projects and businesses.

Our Story & Mission
SMARTISTS is built on Stacks and secured by Bitcoin . CONTACT