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Since we started shaping the idea of App for Self-managed artists, we have been working with the priceless feedback of a few artists who have helped us progress with a meaningful and useful approach for them.

Blockchain technology can bring great solutions to content creators on the web, but users need to get involved.

The Cultural Industry, as we have known it so far, can be radically improved to benefit authors. Artists-authors have been dependent on many intermediaries, and they have never had the chance to properly stand for their Intellectual Property rights, for what is most valuable, creativity. The upcoming web 3 has the power to fix that, if we fight for it.

Smartists wants to bring to the web 3 the Intellectual Property rights recognized as fundamental rights by most countries around the world, as it is expressed in the Universal Declaration of Fundamental Human Rights [Art.27: Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author]. Moreover, we want to benefit from the protection that most regulations offer to authors, so we are following the principles of the World Intelectual Property Organization and the Berne Convention.

We can build a far better internet for Art creators and Art users, because we have a great technology to support our mission. But to succeed we need to work together.

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In Smartists we think of artists as partners. Find below the documentation we are including in our mvp. To provide feedback and working on, including some private surveys for you to provide your feedback.

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